What is a Studienkolleg?

A Studienkolleg is an educational institution which helps foreign school graduates who are interested in studying in Germany. It builds a bridge between school graduation and university and/or university of applied sciences [Hochschule or Fachhochschule – a specific type of German university].

At times school-leaving certificates, acquired by prospective students abroad, do not entitle to directly access a university in Germany. In this case these students must complete a Studienkolleg first, in order to achieve their enrollment admission.

Studienkolleg Germany – a private Studienkolleg

Many German universities or universities of applied sciences operate a state owned Studienkolleg. A private Studienkolleg can be an alternative for students from abroad to achieve their admission certificate to a German University. Prospective students benefit from studying in smaller groups, highly qualified teachers and an individual assistance for any kind of problem at the Studienkolleg Germany.

After successful completing the Studienkolleg Germany can I study at any German University?

Yes! Studienkolleg Germany is state approved. This means, every absolvent can apply at any German university and/or university of applied sciences after successful completing Studienkolleg.


Since 2008 we help foreign pupils to achieve admission qualification at German universities. We are expert in this field and are therefore able to convey comprehensive expert knowledge within a tight time schedule. In general completing Studienkolleg takes two semesters, so approximately 1 year. During this 1 year of education we ensure that our students achieve all qualifications they need in order to start studying at a Germany university, including language, functional and methodical requirements. At the Studienkolleg Germany we clearly focus at on our student’s education, nevertheless is it our ambition to impart cultural and social aspects as well in order to enable a great start into student life in Magdeburg, Germany!

Which courses are offered?

Applicants do have the possibility to choose one of the following specialized courses according to their desired course of studies:

  • T-Course: all math, natural science or technical related studies
  • W-Course: all social science or economic related studies
  • M-Course: all biological, medical or pharmaceutical related studies

The Feststellungsprüfung (FSP)

Feststellungsprüfung – the final examination to complete a Studienkolleg

Naturally the main focus at the Studienkolleg Germany is to prepare our students best possible for the Feststellungsprüfung. Therefore students are obliged to participate in all classes regularly and furthermore have to participate in all written test during the semester. All grades achieved throughout a semester add up to the preliminary grade.

In General the Feststellungsprüfung comprehends all subjects of the specialized course (T-/M- or W-Course). However each specialized course includes compulsory and minor subjects, whereas the minor are coequal to the compulsory.

A subject is considered successfully completed if the final grade adds up to at least 4,0 or better at the end of the 2nd semester. Thus the final grade determines the examination permission, in the subjects in which a written exam is to be completed. In addition to the written examinations, in principle oral examination can be taken in each subject as well. Therefore one of the following three requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Between the preliminary grade (= final grade at the end of the 2nd semester) and the grade of the written exam there is a difference of at least 2 grades. Example: Preliminary grade in the subject German language: 1,7 – examination grade: 4,0 oral exam must be taken
  2. There is a strong wish to form a final opinion about the professional knowledge and skills of a student according to a decision made by the teachers of Studienkolleg (= examination board).
  3. The student has the wish to take an oral exam in order to for example improve his/her final grade.

After successful completion of the FSP, the student acquires a certificate on which the grades of all competed subjects are stated. This certification permits prospective students to enroll at any university or university of applied sciences in Germany.