Studienkolleg W-Course

The W-Course is addressed to applicants who aim to achieve an enrollment at a German university in the fields of economics or social sciences.

After successful completing the W-Course students have the possibility to study one of the following study courses at a university and/or university of applied sciences in Germany:

  • Social sciences,
  • Sociology,
  • Law,
  • Economics,
  • Business administration,
  • Political economics,
  • European economy,
  • Political sciences,
  • Actuarial science/ Insurance industry or
  • Business and Human Resource Education.

After successful completing the Feststellungsprüfung students graduate from Studienkolleg. General requirements regarding permission/allowance to write the Feststellungsprüfung can be found here.

In General the Feststellungsprüfung can be taken in all subjects of the specialized course (T-/M- or W-Course). However it is not obligatory to take a written or oral exam in all subjects included in the course.

In order to finish the W-Course, the following subjects have to be completed by taking written exams:

  • German as foreign language (240 minutes)
  • Mathematics (180 minutes)
  • Economics and business administration (180 minutes)

The general requirements and conditions for taking oral exams can be found here.

For further Information please look into the Studienkolleg regulation of Saxony-Anhalt, to which the Studienkolleg Germany, as a state approved Studienkolleg, is liable:
Studienkollegverordnung Sachsen-Anhalt.

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